Saturday, June 20, 2009

Leaning Toward Completely Insane

Turns out the Hydor instruction text is likely correct and Hydor Figure 1 provided with the instructions is wrong.
Here are the instructions: "Take the pressure reducer (N) and make sure that the regulation knob is closed (turn clockwise) -Fig. 1-", I thought when turning the valve counter clockwise as indicated in Fig 1 a spring controlled pin would be released such that CO2 would be blocked from escaping into the central well. Unfortunately it didn't and this time the CO2 escaped from a different pressure relief hole. You might say that clockwise is "righty tighty" is obviously closed but Fig 1, and the fact that a small plus sign to the left of the word Hydor and a minus to the right led to imagine minus meant closed and Fig 1 was correct and counterclockwise was the way to go. A further indication these instructions are screwed up is that next statement referencing the valve reads "Slowly turn clockwise the regulation knob on the pressure reducer checking that the CO2 reaches the bubbles counter, then proceed with the first regulation setting the desired amount of bubbles". Following the text instructions the valve is already in the completely clockwise position! Geese. Open/closed, plus/minus, clockwise/counterclockwise! I have a nice CO2 burn on my hand now and a second wasted CO2 cartridge. Reading more: Aaaaagh. Sorry no more.

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