Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Day 2

Only plant "pearling" today was Vallisneria.
One plant actually seems like it has grown overnight if that's even possible: Rotala Indica.
I have what my wife calls a "control panel" look going on the left side that I will hide or remove soon. Reading more: Adding some fish/shrimp tomorrow I hope.
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Day 2

I Placed my Anubias Nana on the driftwood this morning. They look great. I also repositioned my other Anubias and Java Fern such that thier rhizomes were not buried in the substrate (thanks www.aquariumadvice.com forum dwellers joy13 and FishEggs!) . LFS pro noted they had ammonia problems with an Eco complete install in the past. So, I bought a test kit and am happy to report ~0ppm. I've read bad batches of eco complete were shipped a couple of years back and that Caribsea responded well to the problem. In any case, I'm loving mine so far. I'm just learning to take pictures of the aquarium. LFS pro also thought my day 1 pic looked like "new tank syndrome", but it's my photography. In "real life" the water does not look hazy. Ah, with a little saturation tweak the tank looks more like real life. I'll take another bigger pic tonight. Reading more: I'm learning. The forums are great (try www.aquariumadvice.com). I'm pretty sure the LFS pro would have given me the same advice the next day, but the immediate feedback of a forum can be really helpful.
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Hydor CO2 instructions in English wrong! Fig 1 correct. Seeking confirmation!

Dear Mr Mastin,
we thank you for your contact.
Thanks to your inquiry, we have verified the instruction's texts and there is an error in the English translation.

The right text should be:
"Take the pressure reducer (N) and make sure
that the regulation knob is closed (turn anti-clockwise)
-Fig. 1-, then turn the pressure reducer
upside-down and make sure that the o-ring is in
the correct position and there are no particles or
dust inside the connection or on the top of the
cartridge. (M). Screw on the CO2 cartridge slowly..."

This is an error born during the english translation: in fact the translation in the other languages is right. We guarantee we are already correcting the text, and we apologize for this inconvenience.

In reference to the indications of turning the reducer upside-down, this is only for inspection that the o-ring is correctly positioned and there are no particles.We should have probably added a sentence indicating to turn back in an upright position the pressure reducer before screwing on the cartridge.

Thank you again for informing us, we will update the English translation as soon as possible.

May we suggest you contact HYDOR USA directly to get a replacement cartridge.

Best regards.

Paolo Mariotto


Reading more: How refreshing. The cynical side of me says the staff attorney must be on vacation.
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