Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hydor CO2

I received my Hydor Co2 system in the mail today. It's the "CO2 green NRG exclusive" model.
Reading more: The dis advantage of this model is that it only works with the proprietary small cartridges. Other models work with paintball cartridges and larger tanks. The "CO2 green NRG advanced" model would be the way to go as I understand it has an adapter for paitball sized canisters. Read more!

Python Water Changer

I just gotta say I really appreciate having a Python No Spill Clean & Fill thingy. It's very convenient for partial water changes. I can barely remember years ago using a tube and bucket. I'm continuing to do daily small water changes. Reading more: I'd be happy to answer questions you may have about this product. Read more!