Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm pretty excited to showoff the piece of driftwood that will be the decorative centerpiece of the tank. I acquired it from the local fish shop (LFS). The tag it came with identifies it as Malaysian Wood XXL. You can find the website listed on the tag here, although I don't see the XXL listed. I paid $55 for this piece. The price seemed quite reasonable. When I showed my wife the price tag she did not complain. It's quite large, about 24Lx13Wx18H. I anticipate some tannins.

The piece in it's original form had one spar that was a little off. The LFS dude suggested I take a chainsaw to it. It never occurred to me to modify the pieces of driftwood I'd seen. A jigsaw did the trick. Read more!


Aquarium: 50 gallons (36 L x 18W x 19H inches) already on hand. Originally served as home for a red eared pond slider (Earl).
Substrate: Eco-Complete Plant Substrate from (DrF&S). Four twenty pound bags, shipping only $11.99.
Lighting: two 36 inch and two 24 inch flourescent tubes (100 watts total). The 24 inch fixture was onhand and I purchased the doublestrip 36 inch (DrF&S) $94.99.
Heating: J├Ąger TS Automatic Heaters 150 watt (DrF&S) $27.99.
Filtration: Fluval 305, on hand.

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