Sunday, June 21, 2009

CO2 Madness

Rather than continue to obsess with the Hydor CO2 Green NRG Exclusive valve I have, I decided to possibly purchase a Hydor CO2 Green NRG Advanced kit retail from the LFS. The Hydor website notes that the Adavanced system "can be connected with the special adapters to any rechargeable or disposable canister". I purchased a 24oz rechargeable CO2 canister, had it filled, and took it to the LFS. I told them if they could connect the canister to the Hydor advanced system I would happily purchase it. These folks are super nice and were willing to help. First try the owner turned the valve counter-clockwise as indicated in Fig 1. (just like I did with my valve) and CO2 escaped from the second exhaust port. Fortunately, his hand didn't burn as mine did. The 0-ring, pin, tiny air filter, and spring shot out when he aborted and removed the cartridge (spring lost). Second try was with another of the same valves from another kit. This time with the valve turned clockwise as indicated in the text. No gas escaped the second port, but so much gas was escaping the first safety port he aborted the attempt. He suggested I purchase a on/off valve for the canister and he'd be willing to try again. That's a good idea, but WTH is going on with these valves? I have another pair of disposable cartridges on the way so I might give the Exclusive system another go first, with leather gloves on this time. I really hope I can get an exploded diagram from Hydor so I can double-check the Exclusive system I have. Also the LFS promised to speak with his Hydor rep. Please let me know if you have any experiences with these valves or know anyone that does. Reading More: The final move of the LFS owner was to show me a Milwalke CO2 regulator and suggest this might be a wiser purchase.
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