Monday, June 22, 2009

Hydor Help!

Here is the email I sent to Hydor customer care this morning (;

I've recently been having trouble with a CO2 green NRG Exclusive kit I purchased.
The first time I attached a disposable cartridge I turned the cartridge too tightly and one of the silicone disks tore.
The second time I attached a disposable cartridge I turned the valve in the direction indicated on the instruction picture and burned my hand.
The instructions and instruction picture do not match.
When I removed the disposable cartridge the needle valve came out.

-Can you please give me a diagram of the valve so I can make sure I put the spring and needle in correctly?

-Can you replace the two wasted disposable cartridges?

-Can you explain how to install the disposable cartridge as the instructions in English say one thing and the picture shows another (the text says turn clock-wise and the picture shows counter-clockwise).

Thank you very much.


Also the instructions read:

"Take the pressure reducer (N) and make sure
that the regulation knob is closed (turn clockwise)
-Fig. 1-, then turn the pressure reducer
upside-down and make sure that the o-ring is in
the correct position and there are no particles or
dust inside the connection or on the top of the
cartridge. (M). Screw on the CO2 cartridge slowly..."

Note that the instructions say "turn the pressure reducer upside-down" and next instruct to "screw on the CO2 cartridge". Having the upside-down when screwing on the CO2 cartridge would seem especially dangerous if someone had turned the valve counter-clockwise as indicated in Fig 1.

Thank you,

And here is the rest of it.

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