Monday, June 22, 2009

Plants have arrived! (from

Pics above are the contents of each bag!
Priority Mail box unpacked. So far so good (pic 1, check jpg label to confirm which pic is which).
First bag labeled Anacharis and Java Fern (pic 2). Second bag labeled Wisteria, three included(pic 3). Third bag labeled Rotala Indica, Anubias Nana, and Hornwort, lots of Hornwort that looks yellow (pic 4). Fourth bag labeled Anubias Barteri and Hygro-gaint (pic 5). Fifth bag labeled Vallisneria-Corkscrew (pic 6). Sixth bag labeled Anubias Frazeri and Sword-Ruffled (pic 7). Seventh bag labeled Vallisneria-Italian and Sword-Amazon (pic 8).

Lots of plants that traveled well.
Lots of anacharis and yellow/brown hornwort.
No dwarf hairgrass as indicated. Especially disappointing as I specifically requested some ground cover. "The plants are selected to tolerate discus tank environment conditions, specificaly - higher temperatures up to about 85F. The plants we include are a collection of several anubias species, hygrophila species, anacharis, hornwort, rotala indica, wisteria, java fern species, amazon and ruffle swords, and also some dwarf hairgrass."
See above for pics of all plants as received.

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